A crazy country? Analysis of Japanese society's attitude towards erotica from the perspective of historical culture

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How do we know Japan as a country?

When I was young, I was first exposed to video games and comics. At the beginning of puberty, there was a kind of books, pictures, and pictures that spread between boys with mysterious smiles and began to learn those things. It is almost a new world brought by Japanese AV (Adult Video). At that time, I thought that the Japanese are probably the most perverted people in the world! The male students exchanged secretly and watched. Their excited faces turned red, but they were very afraid of being discovered. It was the enlightenment of adolescence.

When I went to Japan, I was attracted by Japan's clean and clean environment and polite and friendly people. The Japanese abide by the norms, keep order, pay attention to appearance and behavior, and take into consideration the people around them in every move, and do their best to maintain the harmony of the surrounding environment.

The only thing that surprised me was that the little yellow books exchanged between our middle school classmates could be bought in the convenience store generously. The office workers with suits and pens were even able to read them over there, not at all. Feel embarrassed.

The plots of the Japanese tram mob (sex wolf) we have seen are actually endless in the real world. Because there are too many cases of harassment on the subway, Japan has also designed a special female compartment to allow women to avoid men ’s Harassment.

And Japanese high school girls actively seek out the assistance communication behaviors of older men who can be their fathers to exchange money for their bodies, which has also become a serious social problem in Japan.

Japan can't help but make people think like this, it is really strange and abnormal!

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