Sex toys are epidemic shelters

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According to the French newspaper "The Parisian", with the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic, the sales of adult sex toys soared, especially the number of online shopping.


why? Is everyone afraid of being bored at home? Are you worried about finding a new partner to get the virus? After the isolation, the couple must meet 24 hours a day, must find a way to find a new preparation? Some businesses have already used the new crown epidemic in their advertising slogans: "Take advantage of the third stage of the epidemic to add flavor to your life."

The Womanizer brand specializes in selling clitoral vibrating massagers and has just released a new performance report. The current sales volume is more than 50% higher than the previous expectation of sales this year. The report's data further shows that sales in some large epidemic areas have increased most significantly: the United States is 75% more than expected, Hong Kong is 71% more than expected, Italy is 60% more, and France is 40% more .

However, the largest increase in sales is in Canada, which is 135% more than expected! One netizen joked on Twitter: "Some people flocked to snap up pasta and toilet paper, while others made unique plans for isolation at home."

Lelo is a company that specializes in the design and production of sex toys. Quentin Bentz, the head of its French department, told the Parisian newspaper: "The sales volume on our website has increased greatly compared to last year. In Italy and Spain After France, France, and other countries have adopted closure measures, the growth rate is accelerating. "He said that online shopping products sold best, which may be due to the" maintaining a distance of more than one meter "anti-epidemic regulations.

Patrick Pruvot, founder of Passage du désir, agreed with this statement. He closed 8 stores, but sales on the website increased by 30%. He said that the company has launched an "isolation period sex suit", hoping to make everyone feel less painful at this "difficult time."

"Self-time sex kits" are mainly for those who don't usually buy sex toys. The company's purpose is to promote sex toys in France. "In the final analysis, this is also a solace item, but the French are not so open in this respect to the Nordics."

Patrick Pruvot said, for example, that the Swedish social security system can reimburse certain sex products, provided that they have a doctor ’s prescription, because “sex products are better than antidepressants.”

Dr. Francine Delerme, a member of the Swedish Health Council, pushed the government to make this decision. She said something similar in 2008: "To be precise, the prescription for sex toys is mainly for those suffering from depression, disappointment in sexual life, long-term headaches and other mental illnesses, which can help them relax."

If there are still people who dare not buy sex toys, the Parisian newspaper puts forward another reason: scientific research proves that orgasm can release good healthy hormones. Endorphins produced during orgasm can stimulate the immune system; oxytocin is produced during orgasm, which can reduce anxiety, stress and aggressiveness; melatonin produced during orgasm can promote sleep.

Patrick Pruvot said: "Now we often talk about the deaths caused by the new crown epidemic, which is very easy to cause anxiety. I think that certain purchases of sex toys can enjoy life as much as possible. This is wholesome and it is like a refuge. "

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